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About the firm

Amicus Solicitors and Advocates is a relatively young legal practice and, from the day the firm opened its doors for business in 2004 in Taunton's High Street, its partners promised a fresh and friendly approach to all aspects of legal advice.The aim was to remove the mystique and formality often associated with the profession.

If Amicus's success since its launch is anything to go by, ,this ambition has certainly been achieved. The practice has established a reputation for being able to offer a very wide range of specialist advice in an informal setting with the minimum of fuss and delay.

Innovations introduced by Amicus include home interviews out-of-hours, where convenient, and on-line contact when appropriate.

From its ofices at Taunton and Minehead Amicus offers advice on all aspects of law - from criminal and conveyancing to leases and litigation. Its criminal law department is very busy despite the legal aid restrictions imposed by the Government which has forced some leading practitioners out of the sector altogether.

Because the practice is able to offer a very speedy service to clients (Amicus is part of the Police Station service) and as the firm is able to keep overhead costs carefully under control, it is still practical to work with the legal aid systems.

With Taunton now seen as one of the fastest growing residential areas in the South West and with many new and established businesses setting up along this part of the M5 corridor, there is no shortage of legal work for Amicus.

The practice's new office at Minehead also provides the same wide range of services in this expanding region of West Somerset.

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